Fleadh Laoise 2018.

Portarlington Branch and committee wish to compliment and say well done to all our Junior and Senior Competitors at Fleadh Laoise 2018 in Mountmellick.

As always you kept the flag flying high, put on your best performances and gave of your best.


The list of results are as follows :

Fiddle (15-18)                       2nd     Senan Moran, CCÉ, Portarlington, Laois

Recommended                                 Ciara Faherty, CCÉ, Portarlington, Laois

Fiddle (O18)                         1st        Mary O’Donnell, CCÉ, Portarlington, Laois


U12 Duet.                              2nd       Tom Hudson and Niamh Morris.

Niamh & Tom

U12 Flute                              3rd   Tom Hudson.

12 Piano                                1st     Mary Jo Faherty.

U12 Fiddle                           2nd     Mary Jo Faherty.

U12 Fiddle (slow airs)         1st    Mary Jo Faherty.


U12 Accordion                  1st           Fionn Connolly.

U12 Melodeon                 1st          Fionn Connolly.

27 Fionn

U18 Miscellaneous             1st       Ciara Faherty.

U18 Mandolin                     2nd      Ciara Faherty.

U18 Fiddle….                      3rd      Ciara Faherty  (recommended)

U18 Fiddle Airs                 2nd       Ciara Faherty.

U18 Banjo                          2nd       Ciara Faherty.


Harp, Piano, Harp (slow airs) and Accompaniment                 1st place, Clare Faherty.



Other results, for which we have no up to date photos are as follows :

Amhráin Bhéarla (Mná) (12-15)                                1st Fiadh Fitzpatrick, CCÉ, Portarlington.

Fiddle Slow Airs (15-18)                                             3rd rec Senan Moran, CCÉ, Portarlington.


Fiddle Slow Airs (O18)                                               1st Mary O’Donnell, CCÉ, Portarlington.

Harp Slow Airs (12-15)                                               2nd Cillian Moran, CCÉ, Portarlington.

Fiddle Slow Airs (Faoi 12)                                          1st Mary Jo Faherty, CCÉ, Portarlington.     3rd Cathal Ging, CCÉ, Portarlington.


Banjo (O18)                                                                  2nd Alasdair McCann, CCÉ, Portarlington.

Banjo (12-15)                                                              2nd Tiernan Morris, CCÉ, Portarlington.

Uilleann Pipes (Faoi 12)                                            2nd Niamh Morris, CCÉ, Portarlington.     3rd Cathal Ging, CCÉ, Portarlington.

Uilleann Pipes (12-15)                                               1st Fiadh Fitzpatrick, CCÉ, Portarlington.
Irish Harp (12-15)                                                      2nd Cillian Moran, CCÉ, Portarlington.

Button Accordion (O18)                                            1st Eimear Gill, CCÉ, Portarlington.


Craobh Cúil an tSúdaire wishes to extend thanks to everybody who competed on the weekend and kept our flag flying high.

We also particularly acknowledge all the other performers who were not in the final medal shake-up. Your efforts are no less regarded

and we hope that the experience was of benefit to you all. Thank you for all your efforts and indeed to your families and the ‘chauffeur’

for bringing you to the classes, practices and to the Fleadh which was not always most convenient.

We wish best of luck to all our qualifiers at Fleadh Laighean in Muine Beag , the 9th to 15th of July next.

Wishing all competitors from all Laois Branches the best also.


Fleadh Ceoil Ennis 2016.

Portarlington CCÉ, at the Committee Meeting on the 22th of August last was very appreciative of the efforts of all our competitors at the All-Ireland Fleadh during the past week in Ennis, Co Clare.

Congratulations were extended to everyone who competed for their efforts and hard work in preparing for the Fleadh and in getting through the County and Leinster Rounds.

Prize Winners :



CÉILÍ BAND DRUMS-15-18     1st – Diarmuid Faherty, CCÉ, Cúil an tSudaire.

ACCOMPANIMENT-15-18       2nd – Diarmuid Faherty, CCÉ, Cúil an tSudaire.


MANDOLIN-12-15                 1st Ciara Faherty, CCÉ, Cúil an tSudaire.

MISCELLANEOUS-12-15     2nd – Ciara Faherty, CCÉ, Cúil an tSudaire.


SENIOR MELODEON             2nd – Clare Faherty, CCÉ, Cúil an tSudaire.


FIDDLE-15-18                         3rd – Senan Ó Móráin, CCÉ, Cúil an tSudaire.



HARP SLOW AIRS-U12         2nd – Cillian Ó Móráin, CCÉ, Cúil an tSudaire.


Congratulations also to Fionn Connolly,  u12 Melodeon, Sean Faherty,  Senior Flute & Flute airs. and Mary O’Donnell Senior Fiddle Airs  who acquitted themselves very well.




Again well done….looking forward to next year already. Congratulations to Ennis on a well run Fleadh Ceoil in spite of the rain.

Leinster Fleadh 2016, Kilkenny

Congratulations to all our musicians who competed in the Leinster Fleadh Cheoil in Kilkenny.

Heading off to the All Ireland in Ennis in August will be:

Mary O’Donnell     Senior Fiddle Airs,

Senan Moran          u18 Fiddle & Fiddle airs,

Sean Faherty          Senior Flute & Flute airs.

Cillian Ó Móráin      u12 Harp Slow Airs.

Clare Faherty         Senior Harp airs, Piano, & Melodeon,



Fionn Connolly      u12 Melodeon,

Ciara Faherty          u15 Fiddle, Fiddle airs, Mandolin & Misc.

Diarmuid Faherty   u18 Melodeon & Drums

7 5 3 4

Not forgetting the excellent efforts from our other competitors who so well represented Portarlington CCÉ over the weekend.

Beidh lá eile ag an bPaorach. Maith sibh.

Kate MacDonald       u18 Fiddle.

Fiadh Fitzpatrick       u15 Fiddle airs & Uilleann pipes.

Tiernan Morris          u12 Banjo.

Mary Jo Faherty        u12 Fiddle.

James O’Mahony       u12 Fiddle.

Fionn Connolly and MaryJo Faherty      u12 Duet.

Best wishes to everyone, we know you will all have an amazing time in Ennis and give of your very best efforts.

Cillian Ó Moráin.